Multiple countries have increased child benefits to offset the consequences of the pandemic on household economies.
Several authors propose curiosity and open-mindedness as antidotes to the sluggishness brought on by the pandemic.
Shrinking birth rates could slow down China’s economic growth if its laws to control population growth don’t change.
The Conference is open to the participation of all citizens, so that they can offer their opinion and make proposals concerning the direction the EU should take.
Asking for an immunity certificate to prove COVID-19 status in order to travel or carry out other activities may be warranted in exceptional circumstances, but it carries with it the risk of discrimination.
According to a recent study, many of the most downloaded apps among schoolchildren are offering a non-creative, isolating and distracting type of instruction.
Philippine people’s deep-rooted Catholicism now faces strong secularist trends.
In six decades as an independent nation, this country has been ill ruled, and has suffered from violence and division, but it has a dynamic people and exports talent overseas.