On both continents, enrollment in Catholic schools has increased since 1980. In Latin America, it’s up as well, though less so. In Europe and North America, things are stagnating.
Many companies boast being environmentally friendly as a commercial claim, but the reality is that they are far from it.
The author of “Lost in Thought” encourages cultivating a deep inner life, rich in both knowledge and feelings.
A congress organized for non-profit organizations underscores the need to form volunteers and recognize those oftentimes overlooked.
The recently renewed agreement with Beijing to allow the governmental appointment of bishops has eliminated clandestine, illegitimate bishops, but serious difficulties remain.
The Congress of the Chinese Communist Party reinforces the centralization and ideological control under Xi Jinping, with their sights set on making the country the first world power by mid-century.
The work of this year’s Nobel laureates in economics was instrumental in weathering the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.
Live video, up until recently exclusively reserved for the realm of video games, has become the medium of choice among former YouTubers targeting younger audiences.
Despite the unusual number of “no” votes, the government won the public consent of its Family Code, an ideological norm that takes authority away from the family.
To prevent spiralling prices, the European Commission wants to further intervene in a market whose problems have been partly created from bad intervention.
Knowledge of the biology of cancer is behind some of the most spectacular advances in recent years.
Different reports confirm the worst about the effect of the educational disruption, and propose palliative measures.
Popular culture has turned a necessary ideal into a watchword for conformity.
The Supreme Court of the U.S. overrules two decisions which declared that there was a constitutional right to abortion.
Latest massacres left little doubt that Christians are persecuted in Nigeria, after so many years of government-tolerated discrimination.
The Vasily Kandinsky New York exhibition, “Around the Circle”, allows us to once again discover the teachings his paintings hold.
The European Commission has proposed new legislation to help stop the sexual exploitation of children online.
Therapists and couples share their experience in marriage coaching.
The UN conference in Abidjan was similar to previous editions: increasingly finer diagnoses and few practical actions.

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